Heretic Clippy

This script will check on pageload to see if the User is running IE6. If so, Heretic Clippy will appear and offer some browser alternatives. Quite annoying! Yet, certainly not as annoying as supporting a browser more than 23 years after it's first release (and several major revisions out of date).


<script src=""></script>

Copy the above script tag in it's entirety, and insert it into the <head> of your site's header file, or the <head> section of a particular page.


Download the version you need from GitHub. Current version is v1.1.1.

Upload the script to your webroot or to your CDN, and make a note of the full path. For example:


Init clippy using jQuery's document.ready wrap, eg:

<script> $(function(){ new Clippy('body','/clippy/').run(); }); </script>

Or use the included document.ready init:

<script> __clippyboot(function(){ new Clippy("body","/clippy/").run(); }); </script>
@version 1.1.1 @author sprky0 @license MIT License